“Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent not a singular conception of ability”  ― Ken Robinson

“Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent not a singular conception of ability” 
― Ken Robinson

From an unfathomable longing to make a real difference, to living a life of definite direction.

You have a yearning to bring about change in some way, in your own life and in the lives of others. But you don't know how, you're feeling at a loss. 

You've been able to keep a lid on this ache for a long while, through distraction, through working hard and long hours. Only this burning desire isn't going away, the necessity to make a difference. If anything, the older you get and with each monumental birthday you reach, the louder the yearning becomes.

Too many options = huge overwhelm. 

You may well be feeling like an imposter in your own life, but don't know who to share this with...'Do I really want to run this business?' 'Why can't I find joy or satisfaction in my work?' 'What if I am found out?' 'Can I honestly change direction at this stage? Start again? Re-boot my life?'

You hold back from making a serious commitment to any one, true direction for fear of having to leave behind the things you love to do, you probably have many interests and talents and enjoy variety and diversity, but there's huge fear and vulnerability in potentially getting it wrong again. So you don't take action, you can't commit. You flounder and self flagellate. 

That dream of somehow contributing to the world, maybe running your own business, of bringing about positive change, innovating something very special, is not going away. In fact, it's becoming more prevalent in your thinking. The necessity to live a meaningful life is shifting to become the very centre of your universe.

The isolation in not knowing the direction of your dreams. 

Your friends, family and colleagues feel your frustration - but don't know how to help, you barely even know how to put the dissatisfaction into words, you know that 'things', objects and possessions are not bringing you the reward you had hoped. You look for easily available distractions; the gym, possibly drinking too much, buying stuff you don't need in the hope that it'll plug the longing. But the feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration persists. The internal tug-of-war rages on. Exhausting.

Let's face it, your life is complicated, a chaotic system of ideas, passions, worries, relationships, choices, all hooked into a palpable timeline of anywhere between 60 and 90 years (if we get lucky) and modern media gladly plays on this fact and will happily push more junk our way promising immediate relief.

No wonder making big change and 'bringing your brave' never makes the number one slot in your Todo list. When decisions this large have to be taken, we don't act because we can't bare the shame of making the wrong choices. 

"We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us." -  Joseph Campbell

"We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us." -  Joseph Campbell

Some stuff you might have tried to alleviate the situation...

You've possibly been reading articles and books promising to offer up your unique life's purpose but it feels impersonal and generic, maybe too left-field. And how to apply any learning you might get from these in structured, meaningful ways when you are scrabbling around exhausted?

Being in the thick of your life and overwhelmed isn't conducive to finding clear, tangible, applicable answers.

It's possible you've trawled websites on self-help subjects, leadership or purpose, maybe fulfilment from your career, overcoming overwelm...all great content but somehow it feels impersonal, generic and how do you apply it? Where to begin? So much content, so little breathing space to take it all in.

What if you expel your already low energy taking courses, workshops or maybe heading to Meetup's only to find that you are exhausted when you arrive - and then beat yourself up for not having the attention span or ability to absorb and engage...


You've been going about things the wrong way around. BEFORE you can know your 'WHAT' you need to really understand your 'WHY'. When you know your purpose, the world appears as a place full of potential and opportunity. 

I coach individuals to find their purpose in life, their passion, their 'mission' and from this place do the work that really matters and create a life of definite direction

The results & benefits of working with me.

  • A tangible understanding of a purposeful life direction, the work and the expression of purpose that's wholly fulfilling
  • Through accountability and homework at the end of every session, you move forwards with your life and have a partner who will be checking in with you
  • A clarity and renewed zest for life, better sleep and ability to rest without overwhelm
  • A restorative way of living that supports your 'values', your talents and aspirations 
  • A deep and centred 'knowing' around your individual and unique 'I'dentity
  • Take command over your diminishing self talk, the blockages, scripts and hindrances that stop you moving forwards with passion
  • I'll be an understanding champion for your personal cause; challenging you, offering up new perspectives and pushing your comfort zone in service of your growth
  • You'll understand what you are saying yes to and what you are saying no to in your life, consciously
  • Rediscover clear head-space and a mindful approach to living, meaning; creativity, innovation and the lust for life returns

Unearthing the jewel that is your purpose and how to start living this in the world, requires a personalised coaching partnership. Whether this looks like setting up a business, rebooting your career, spearheading a movement, or embarking on an around the world adventure of a lifetime.

1-1 Coaching brings the extraordinary gift of breathing space, of deep and wide reflection, of unrivalled safety and the chance to really push through your edges to the courageous 'life less ordinary' on the other side.

It requires time, time dedicated to you to step into a place of exploration and dreaming, a regular meeting with somebody who will listen, who will challenge, offer up possibility, work on what keeps you stuck in your current world and to hold you accountable for making it happen. 

My fees, the way I work and your investment.

Coaching is an investment in both you and your life. The renewed sense of purpose and direction starts to become apparent immediately only lasting change, takes time.

  • I work with individuals for a period of 6 months
  • We initially have a 1h 30minute Discovery Session
  • We then have two 45 minute sessions per month via 'Zoom' (like using the phone only clearer)
  • At the end of each session you will have accountability homework we agree on together, based upon moving you towards your goals. Sometimes challenging, sometimes reflective but always in service of you moving forwards
  • In between sessions I support you via emails so should anything arise we can check in with each other
  • The cost of Purpose Coaching for self-funded individuals is £300 per month, that's £150 per session with the initial 1h 30minute Discovery Session £300. I appreciate that this isn't an inexpensive investment, but many, many clients say that the value of living a purposeful, deeply fulfilling life is more than worth the investment.  

The difference in my mental wellbeing since
we started coaching is nothing short of extraordinary. Before we started I was withdrawn, closed and simply put... lost. Now I have tools, an outlook and most importantly an understanding of what I need.
— Paul, Australia.

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