Be careful what you feed the social media machine.


Positive ( + ) reputation and trust, come from consistency in your outputs. Have clarity in your message and a sense of purpose.

Consider that next time you have the urge to tell the world the colour of your pants. You really want to hit return? 

Keep all of your updates and posts consistent in their theme, though not so tight that it looks mechanical. You are a human being. Weave your ‘purpose’ into everything that goes through the social media machine. Consistency instills reliability in the public eye.

2 Responses to “Be careful what you feed the social media machine.”

  1. Eileen Gricuk says:

    Phil, looks great! The blip is a cool, little nugget. Keep on blippin’ :)

  2. Phil Luminous says:

    @Eileen, thanks! I’m glad you approve. as I create more-I’d be curious to hear what you’d like to see more blips about-what personal brand subjects interest you/scare/confuse you?

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