What is the Vision Quest?

The practice of the ‘Vision Quest’ has been around for hundreds of years. Many ancient cultures and tribal people have held it as a powerful right of passage and self-discovery process for it’s people.

In Australia, the Aboriginies had ‘Walk About’, North American Indians the Vision Quest, Inuits also had their process.

The belief behind Vision Quest is that when we spend extended time in silence, in solitude and in nature, we will start to recieve the answers to the questions we seek. Our deepest truth's begin to surface into our awareness when the noise and distractions are taken away.

Silence is a rare commodity.

In modern society this gift of silence and solitude is incredibly hard to come by and any process that doesn’t provide instant answers, tends to get overlooked through no fault of our own.

Things that demand our attention grow louder and louder in order to be seen amongst the vast array of competition. The internet, marketing, sales, deadlines, television, this is a high-speed, more results, cheaper and faster society and rarely are we afforded the necessity of our own time and space.

That has to have been one of the most powerful and moving experiences of my life...words fail me.

But we are striving for something more (or less) through all of this static. There exists a yearning that wants to know real peace. We seek an understanding of who we REALLY are and a deeply felt ownership of our purpose in this life. A malaise permeates modern living, where commercial consumption and traditional career progression doesn't seem to bring anything but short term relief.

The one true environment we can discover our great ‘knowing’ in is the silence of our own space. When we venture into the held, sacred experience of Vision Quest, it feels like coming home to ourselves and remarkable things happen, magic in fact.

What to expect.

The Vision Quest we run is a fully held and guided, week long excursion into the beautiful North Devonshire countryside. Set in 20 acres of private British nature with streams, woods, water meadows, ancient trees and huge skies. All of this inhabited by a vast array of natural neighbours who will no doubt come and visit us. Deer, woodpeckers, owls, foxes, bees, crows, insects and much more.

  • We'll setup basecamp on day one and begin to enter into the process
  • There will be up to 10 participants on each Vision Quest who you'll connect with on many levels
  • Together we'll eat, share stories, set intentions and desires for our individual Quests
  • We'll engage in a number of ceremonies that honour the ancient North American tradition and also the land we are Questing on, you'll learn to see nature in a completely new way
  • You will spend 3 days and 3 nights out on the land, on your own in the process under a shelter built by you from the natural surrounding materials
  • After your quest, you'll come back to basecamp and we will unfold, share and include the deep experiences that occurred for you

A Vision Quest is right for you if:

  • You have a desire to really understand your true-calling and purpose in the world
  • You want to feel a lasting, powerful union with your self and with nature
  • You feel drawn to being out in the fresh air and feel peace in amongst it, knowing the answers for you often come when you are out in nature 
  • You are looking to know the next steps in a monumantal life circumstance or decision you wish to take
  • You live with confusion and lack of direction
  • If you are at a crossroads in life and have tried other ways of resolving the internal conflict to no avail
  • You feel the urge to grow and ground yourself through experiencing something natural, magical and life changing and, don't want to sign up for yet another course or training in a stuffy conference room, with only short term benefits

Further information.

I was interviewed about how I came to find Vision Quests and some of the thinking and process behind it. You might find listening to this Podcast a useful resource.

Click to listen via iTunes.

Ready to go? Register for Summer, 2015.

Myself and my partner run Vision Quests twice a year in the UK through the Summer. Places are limited to 10 participants for each excursion, so in order to avoid disappointment it's advised that you act quickly.

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