5 things you should know about fear, when launching your purpose into the world.

This time, it's personal.

Being a conscious entrepreneur means having a very personal motivation to bring change to the world. All too often because your cause is so great, and so much a part of your being, fear creeps in and leads to paralysis when it comes to crunch time.

Just as you are all-set to launch the project, website, mission statement or proposal into the world, you find perfectly justifiable reasons as to why now, is definitely not the right time.

In reality, it really is never the right time.

I used to tame and hold back so much of what was wanting to be expressed in me when I was new to coaching. The anxiety I felt over what I was putting out into the world was huge.

I remember many nights, laying awake contemplating whether I actually had something meaningful and viable or, whether it was all bullshit and should remain a pet-project.

I’d dull down, compromise and smooth off any 'edgy' opinions I may have been posting to Facebook, thus avoiding potential push-back and critical opinions.

I’d re-write the copy for my website, untold times, sleep on it, and then in the morning, undervalue yesterday’s efforts entirely. Often throwing away hours of work in the process. Familiar?

This led to extreme frustration and numbing out, pretending that none of this really mattered anyway. It felt like hitting a brick wall, and then turning around and taking a run up again. My fear had drained all of the excitement out of the flow and process of launching into a new career. A way of living which truly mattered, and could have huge impact.

The problem is we collapse who we are, in with the work we do.

Imagine yourself choosing to constantly carry around a large, heavy rucksack. A rucksack full of all your projects, beliefs, fears around them and everybody else's views on them. Pretty soon it’ll become ridiculously overbearing.

You keep choosing to take onboard more and more of what everybody else thought, passing comments, feedback, you name it, it goes in. Inevitably, you’ll keel over and collapse under the weight right? 

Choosing to separate out from your work, means deciding to take the rucksack off, not falling out of love with it.

Let's look at five ways to get your purpose out into the world, and not succumb to shame paralysis.

1. Don’t take anything personally.

Know that even though this purposeful venture is a very real expression of who you are, doesn't mean it IS YOU. Conscious Entrepreneurs are often Solopreneurs, and this in itself can make it feel very difficult to not take things personally. This is your dream, your big idea, criticism? Ouch.

Yes, you will come across alternative, different and critical opinions on what you are doing with your life, and that’s really OK. If everybody felt the same way, the world would be a pretty dull place wouldn’t it?

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.
— Winston Churchill

Stand tall, knowing that you have this urge, and the motivation to manifest a unique purpose for a reason. It wants to come to fruition and live through you. It's your job to let it.

2. Prototype, Often.

So much of the paralysis that comes from putting yourself out into the world, is that you wait until things are just right. Perfectly cooked. And is it ever?

Give yourself permission to prototype ideas, often. Rapidly deploy them, keep it fresh, check out how they land and try alternatives. Treating this as a dance instead of needing to get it right free's things up so much. 

Field testing in this way, really is the only way of gauging your big ideas and whether they are having the impact you are looking for. 

See each of your 'expressions of purpose' as arrows, fashioned and imbued with great intention, then launched into the world, aimed at your target, yet you remain untethered. There are infinite opportunities and infinite arrows and in your quiver.

3. Perpetual speculation, never changed a thing.

You’re in this game to bring change in some way I assume? The world is waiting for you - only most of the time, they aren't aware of that, but they are very aware of their problems. Being a Conscious Entrepreneur means you see something that can be improved upon, no doubt improving many lives in the process.

Fear is preventing these changes from coming about. Find the place within you, where you looking good, becomes less important than leading that change.
Start today…now...well finish this article first.

4. Put yourself in their shoes, only act from your heart.

Of course, in the process of unleashing your purpose into the world, it’s extremely important to understand your target market, your tribe. Knowing them and their pains gives you orientation as to how you can offer viable and lasting solutions.

What can sometimes happen is that you allow their needs and requirements to totally override and bend your purpose out of shape. This lack of congruence can lead to a sense of selling out and ignoring your heart. Too much in favour of what your fears have you believe people want, ultimately serves nobody.

Wear their shoes, do the groundwork but don’t loose your soul (or your sole) in the process.

When you align your heart to being in service of what’s calling you, then comes flow, ease, joy and longevity. Trust yourself.

5. Listen to the voice of fear.

Ask the fear exactly what the worst thing that could happen might be. If you were to step up and be heard, what is it most afraid of?

The answers are often unreasonable and blown way out of proportion. They can sound almost like those of a fearful child. It’s the avoidance of truly listening to the voice, that has it run our actions and behaviours.

Much like with a child that wants your attention, when it feels seen, heard and listened too, so too the sleeve tugging stops and the anxiety all round diminishes. 

Hear the concerns of this very valid part of yourself, know that the voice of fear wants to keep you safe. Only stay true to your mission. The more you put out there, the more it believes you've got this handled. 

Over to you.

What other ways have worked for you in getting beyond the fear, and just doing it? Putting your purposeful work out into the world matters. Share your own tips and tricks in the comments below. I'd love to hear what's worked and what wasn't quite so successful. 

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