Your head does not have all of the answers for you.

No matter how hard you try and come up with solutions as to what's next, you just keep going round in circles.

It can be so frustrating, sometimes when you want to source some answers to something meaningful, such as 'what's next for me, where should I be dedicating my energy?' or 'how do I figure out my next move?'

And absolutely zero surfaces. The more you sit and rack your brain, the less you seem to know.

You feel trapped and can't seem to pull any new ideas out of the hat and yet you're intelligent, resourceful. This in turn leads to frustration, overwhelm and no doubt exhaustion right?

Are there methods to source new data and come up with fresh ideas no matter the situation?

In this, the first Pathways into Purpose video I share three ways in which you can get unstuck and find brand new resource and clarity from everything around you. 

Over to you.

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