Powerful tools don't guarantee masterful coaching or, a profitable practice.

We know that the training with CTI is a powerful, deep learning process providing wonderful tools and rigorous experiential learning. Now what will it take to elevate you as a coach to the next level?

To build on, hone and establish these skills in the real world? To arrive at a place of mastery in your coaching and to grow your practice into a thriving business, one that attracts the RIGHT clients for the RIGHT money. It requires a rigorous and holistic approach.

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True mastery happens when we hold our clients naturally, creative, resourceful and whole. When we as Co-active agents of change have the flexiblity to explore the subtle nuances of the being (Co), along with the goal setting and the doing (active), real results and lasting change occurs.

And in order to be that facilitator of the 'life less ordinary' for others, this process has to start with ourselves.


Sharing my process with Phil has been a very exciting trip! We connected easily from the very first session and Phil just got me - my strengths and my weaknesses, the whole range. I felt in a secure space and safe hands at all times. This meant I could be brave for my own development. I also really appreciate the depths and quality of the mentoring he gave me.
— David Roncero CPCC, Spain

I coach Co-actives to be the best they can be, in multiple skill-sets, through Certification and beyond. Here's how I work...

  • I combine a blend of coachingmentoring and supervision on both Co-active coaching skills and business brand development
  • Whether Core Curriculum, Certification or a Leadership graduate, I work with you to really own your full-range impact as a change-maker
  • Everything, everything, everything revolves around 'purpose' we will be diving deep to reveal what motivates and drives you at the core  
  • We work holistically together, bringing all of you. Your skills, your talents, your life experience and your drive
  • I bring over 1000 hours of real-world coaching, facilitation and mentoring experience
  • At the heart of everything I do is your 'why'. My firm belief is that when you nail that, everything begins to open to you and you flourish. So we spend a lot of time in the territory of who you are and what are you here to do in this lifetime
  • I will challenge AND call you forth in honour of your growth beyond your comfort zones
  • I will share my real-world tips and tricks, along with my extensive experience of growing my own coaching brand and business (established for eight years)  
  • I'll show you complementary tools, exercises and how you can confidently formulate your own 'on the fly'. This will greatly increase your impact as a Co-active coach and equip you to handle any circumstance, to be a 'bullet-proof'coach with a huge heart 
  • I mentor you to grow your practice from 1-1 into the corporate arena and leading workshops should you seek that transition
The Luminous Star

The work starts with you.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."—Margaret Mead

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."—Margaret Mead

Some of the most powerful aspects in stretching and growing you as a coach is feedback and reflection, it's invaluable. I provide certification-style supervision applied to real-world sessions and scenarios. This reveals an enormous amount about where you are with your self-work and how your coaching style reflects this.

We constantly need to be doing our own self development in order to coach our clients with their life circumstance and beliefs with power.

“A highly creative, provocative coach. His style is wonderfully engaging, open and approachable; making him a joy to work with”
— Kristin Stangebye CPCC, Norway.

I'll point you to your potential blind spots and growth areas, empowering you to move forward with confidence and show up to every session with rigour and courage. But beyond that, who ARE you? What message are you harbouring? Beyond 1-1 coaching, what must the world hear now that only you can represent? How can you do the 'Work' in order to take a stand for what you believe as a change-maker and shine?



  • Get total clarity on your areas of improvement and where you 'hide'
  • Clarify your niche, own your unique strengths
  • Get more of the clients you love with less hard slog
  • Learn how to market yourself authentically and lead the change you naturally aspire to
  • Charge fees that honour your skills and abilities
  • Own and embody a truly resonant brand that works for you
  • Confidence, essential if you are serious about coaching high-power individuals and executives
  • Awareness and application of the subtle qualities present in a masterful coach
  • Beyond 1-1 Coaching, we'll explore where you can have much more of an impact, whether that's workshops, online presence, public speaking, writing a regular Blog, delivering keynote speeches. We will up your game-because your time is now and the world awaits.

What's included?

  • Two, one hour Zoom sessions per month, coaching & mentoring on your 'why' and your practice.
  • Unlimited email, text, Whatsapp support in between sessions.
  • Ongoing supply of my tools and techniques along with other supporting work that supports your development.
  • Business and brand building expertise. I have established my own successful practice over the last 7 years and was co-founder of a leading on-line coach training company. I'll share my real- world experience with you to support your growth.
  • Supervision of your style and coaching skills.

Your Investment.

This is an investment in the mastery of your coaching and the building of a successful practice. I work with a limited number of Co-active coaches who are serious about making coaching their profession. This enable me to dedicate my resource and expertise to them.

The cost of coaching for self-funded individuals is £350 per month (£175 per session) with an initial 90 minute contracting & chemistry session at £260. I partner with you for a fixed duration of six months and often, clients stay on after this six month period to continue their growth and expansion.

Financially, many clients say they they make back the value of my fee's in just the first few months of working with me as they attract in the right clients and their practice begins to grow. At the end of six months, we'll have a conversation and see what you need. The choice is yours.