Unified purpose = successful teams. 

A lot of today's Start-ups are in turmoil, very often teams experience immense difficulty in knowing why what they do really matters. The standard mission statements, pat on the back, performance related bonus and outdated company methodology for working just doesn't cut it anymore. Things have moved on. And so too have the needs of employees.

Team members often feel isolated and unheard, they don't necessarily feel equipped to be with difficult situations or uncertain expectations. Deadlines change, assumptions get made and disdain can spread like wildfire.

"Nobody listens to me", "Why am I not acknowledged for my contributions?", "I really don't know why I bother!" from frustrations such as these, animosity and a toxic environment grow. Eventually, the loss of many talented and skilled people ensues because they feel unheard and undervalued. 

Healthy teams, the heart of any great business.

When staff are on purpose, they thrive and quickly become ardent champions for the company.

I work with Start-ups to get the very best from it's people. Because people are the heart of any great business. To get to the core of the unified purpose, the collective direction that really matters, I work with Systems Thinking and use Systems Team Coaching to establish resilient, innovative and most importantly, happy teams.

Building skills, fuelling talent, leading together.

Through Systems Team Coaching, we can reveal where there are difficulties, stumbling blocks and a lack of unified vision. Consciously designing how we want to be together, how we can align, what can we agree to, what we need to do when things get difficult and considering many other experiences enables us to formulate a powerful collective of people.

In this way, individuals feel seen, heard and empowered. They feel motivated to bring themselves to the collective and contribute their unique flavour of talents, skills and ideas. When the conducive space is created for individuals to demonstrate personal mastery, and it can be witnessed by others and celebrated, then a shared vision for moving forwards with resilience and drive is established.

Phil helped us create trust, openness and a uniqueness that we will be able to pull out everywhere and at any time, when needed! this session was spot on! Running way deeper than I could ever possibly imagine.
— Malin Larsen, Hyper Island, Sweden.

Personal Mastery

We work to recognise and unfold the authentic leader that lives within each member of the team. Bringing ALL of them into the picture, their values, their passions, their sense of mission, talents, joys and most importantly, their sense of purpose.

Results & Benefits.

  • A substantial sense of cohesion in teams and a 'unified front'
  • Productivity and consistency in work and projects 
  • Clarity and certainty of direction  
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence in employees
  • The skills to be with difficult situations, friction and conflict
  • Self awareness of personal impact
  • Personal and collaborative leadership growth both inside the workplace and out
  •  Increased resilience to stress and the skills and tools to resolve many of the causes 
  • A more positive outlook on life and on work and less down-time
  • The skills to have hard conversations and facilitate conflict resolution
  • Effective self-management and autonomy
  • Adaptability and integrity in difficult situations, not taking situations personally
  • A flourishing, agile team whose motivations are aligned

I LOVED the session, love your energy and delivery
— Angela Main, Barclaycard

Tailored to requirements.

I will create a customised training experience for your Start-up based upon the results and the outcomes required. I specialise in training autonomy and bedding-in the learning meaning lasting change in the company culture.

Systems Team Coaching outlasts sporadic Rock concert off-the-shelf training - where participants feel inspired on the day but quickly return to old habits and routines. My training is specific to the people involved. A team 'Designed Alliance' foundation session ensures alignment with both myself and the team and there's lots of reflection and follow up and inclusion. What ever needs to be designed-in to ensure success and unity in the long run for your Start-up.

When does your Start-up need team training?

  • When staff are quitting over the behaviour or leadership style of a team member 
  • When the company culture is confused, misaligned or has simply never been established
  • When the working environment contains lots of unspoken needs and the atmosphere feels toxic
  • When you wish to bring staff up to the same speed and are introducing new working methodology, practices or growing your Start-up
  • When you need to 're-boot' and define a team in the most effective, agile and human-centric way

If any of this lands with you, let's have a conversation.

Get in touch and let's talk about your team difficulties. Click here to schedule a 45 minute conversation with me. We can explore what you would love to see as an outcome, and how we might go about making that happen.

If you'd like to organise a pre-designed experience for your team, maybe you'll find something here that will fit the bill.