The Conscious Entrepreneur 'Litmus test'.

What exactly is a Conscious Entrepreneur? What kind of questions might you be asking yourself at this time? Take a look at the following statements, I have tried to capture the essence below. Some of it may resonate for you and some not. Let's treat this as a Litmus test and approach it from a place of curiosity. 

If you can say YES to 5 or more of the statements or through reading them some of them hit home then the chances are you are ready to explore your Conscious Entrepreneur journey.

  • You know that real-world change can happen, in many different ways, you know that actually IT HAS TO. But you don't know where to begin.
  • You are harbour a burning ambition to lead that change, maybe you've never lead anything before, but believe you are capable.
  • You have a yearning to bring about world change. A change that includes people and planet in a positive and innovative way.
  • You know you have a ‘life purpose’ but it's laying unexplored through fear, or lack of full understanding and knowing how to find it and how to express it.
  • You see potential and places where things can be improved, but notice that nobody is doing anything about it.
  • You continue to grow, and do your own self-work, celebrating your successes and our failures and seeing them as valuable lessons.
  • You enjoy freedom of expression, creativity, innovation and diversity and thrive with these in place.
  • Your waking hours are maybe full of your 'day job' or a life that you have fallen into and you are now ready to do something about it, you're reached a crossroads.
  • You know in your heart that work is not just a job and that you have the potential for creating real meaningful change whilst you are here.
  • You give yourself full-permission to try, to experiment, to play. To walk the un-trodden path and to feed your sense of wonder.
  • You are not afraid of your 'shadow' side and are willing to do your own healing work. In service of yourself and of authentic expression.
  • You believe life is an adventure and it's also incredibly precious. That the time to act is NOW.
  • 'Work' is not just something to pay the bills. It should be an expression of what really matters to you, it should provide abundance and a sense of deep fulfilment.

If any of these statements land with you then it might be time to explore what has to change and what rewarding possibilities exist for your life now.

Purpose Coaching could be your gateway and catalyst for creating a life built on meaningful expression. Whether that's starting a company, establishing a practice, or instigating a movement that matters. Let's have a conversation.