You are a coach, a conscious entrepreneur who cares about people and the planet. You made the leap and left a secure job because you know you can make a difference, only you are finding it's a battle. It's exhausting, you've hit an invisible wall and you want to give up...

  • On a visceral level you know that you are on this earth to make a difference whilst living a healthy and sustainable life, but it's a huge struggle because you are unsure as to the nature of your natural impact in this world and how to take the lead.
  • You battle with the self confidence to get you past the inner critic who says 'it's too late to make a change, what about your CV? Who do you think you are anyway?'
  • You may feel deep frustration and anxiety around niche, around who you can best serve, spending money on inappropriate training, on websites and branding that don't resonate or reflect who you are and what you really provide.
  • You may approach your working day 'scatter-gunning', which leads to rapid exhaustion, and overwhelm at the enormity of what is in front of you.
  • You read about blogging and Twitter but your marketing gives off mixed messages and leaves you and your audience confused.
  • Feel alone and isolated in your beliefs about bringing change, not having the external support to help your vision happen, not having people around you who really understand what you are doing.
  • You have probably bought online courses and read books to get to the bottom of your 'purpose'. Invested time and money in further, more advanced training, knowing that something is missing, and this next course will hold the answers, provide the 'ah-ha' you seek to the ever elusive sense of knowing your truth. Only you discover that, yes, your skills as a coach and entrepreneur have improved, but you are no closer to finding you personal 'north star' that which really fires you up.
  • You have great training and tools, but don't yet know your life purpose, your mission and why it matters.
  • Your energy dissipates through trying multiple angles, methods and directions, never satisfied with anything you finish as you know that the next task is queued up right behind this one and they seem to be leading nowhere joyful-this is beginning to feel like the job you left in pursuit of this dream...

I deeply acknowledge the energy and commitment you have put into uncovering your truth, to choosing to make the difference by being a coach, entrepreneur. It takes huge courage to question the status quo and dare to live an alternative path and people like you are vital.

Here's why these things haven't helped...

  • Working alone with a book feels mechanical and disconnected.
  • They are too generic. They just don't cater for your own unique blend of skills, talents and motivations.
  • Not having somebody champion or challenge your progress means you lose momentum.
  • They don't just speak to your unique and beautiful blend of purpose or dance with your personal life experience in a creative, reflective way.
  • Learning the techniques and social media strategies are great, but useless without knowing your target market.
  • The fear of shame through lack of purpose means that when you blog, write or post, you hold back. It lacks the definite stance of a leader.
  • Without specific challenge or new ways to look at your life-work, you fall into the pattern of what all the other coaches are doing, you become a generalist.


Your heart knows exactly who you are here to help, and how best to do that.
— P.A.

What can turn this around? What will work?

To truly know the work you were born to do, and to create an expression of this purpose in the world, you need a partner who understands the pitfalls and pains of setting up a practice. You need a partner on this journey with you every step of the way. One who provides you with sage marketing advice that doesn't just enable you, but empowers you to formulate your messaging and ensure it correlates with you truth.

A supportive and understanding sounding board who understands the journey you are on and why it is so important. You need accountability and exercises that are bespoke to your path and encourage you to explore motivations much deeper and more intimately than that an off-the-shelf product. 

You need expert branding advice, blogging, social media techniques to get your message out in a way that fits your lifestyle and your passions.

Luminous Lives is coaching for private individuals and ethical companies, with the focus on exploring what true-purpose means for them and creating a tangible expression of this purpose in the world.
— Phil Askew, Luminous Lives

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