Entering into a time of silence.

We appreciate your courage and commitment to your Self and to your life’s unfolding. It’s our belief that this process will enable you to make a big leap forward, in your life, your career, your understanding of your lifework.

Vision Questing has been a practice used by people all over the planet for many, many years – not only by Native Americans but by people of many cultures. For example, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and Merlin all spent quiet time alone in nature, connecting with the depths of Spirit and of the people we have guided on vision quest since around 1993, each Quester has received unique lessons and deepened their experience of life through this work.

1.preparing mentally & emotionally for your quest

Vision Questing is an opportunity to step out of everyday routines, to pause and reflect on the flow of your life.  It offers a new perspective which gives us insights and discoveries.  The first stage of the vision quest is preparing for leaving everyday routines. It means leaving the affairs of home life in order with loose ends tied up as far as possible. In this way you can go out on Quest with all your energy intact and present with you, without any distractions. So arrange for somebody to feed your pets, give yourself the full-permission to be fully present on your journey.

A vision quest is a deepening of your sense of who you are: it may feel like coming home to your Self. This can mean a shift in your perspectives and approach to life. In order to take the full benefit of this experience, it is good to expect big changes, and to build yourself up for that. You might consider who to say goodbye to before you leave home, and to imagine that the next time you see them, you’ll feel different, you will see them in a different way. 

This is a pivotal time in your life and you will experience a kind of ‘death’ to an old outdated version of yourself.


In traditional Vision Quest, participants 'fast' for the duration, for the 3 days and 3 nights. This might well be a fear inducing concept when you first hear about it. Part of this process is about looking at your association with fear, so sit with it. Some Questers take out a tiny quantity of dried fruit, nuts or plain Oatcakes with them to eat mindfully and keep them grounded.

In today's society where food in abundant, it seems unfathomable that we should / could go without food, but in actual fact the process is incredibly cleansing and brings with it an acuity of the senses. Many people feel the most healthy they have ever felt when returning back to basecamp.

We may already have discussed whether you will go without food during your quest – if not we will do so.  At basecamp before you go out into your Quest, we will prepare the food for you, it will be simple and light. We recommend that from about a fortnight before your Quest, you begin to simplify your diet and eat less quantity in preparation for this week.

Reduce or cut out refined sugar and too much caffeine. The process of levelling out physiologically means you will be able to enter into your process from a place of calm and non-'spiky'. Let us know if you have any particular dietary needs.

The ceremony of the vision quest is one of the most universal and ancient means to find spiritual guidance and purpose. In practicing cultures, a vision quest is said to provide deep understanding of one’s life purpose.

3. setting intentions-entering the process

At least 3 weeks before your Quest, we ask that you take a 'Medicine Walk' out into nature. Whilst there, write us a letter describing your intentions for the Quest. We recommend that you commit a day for this and go out alone 'on the Earth'. Notice your internal responses when we say take a day for this. Maybe you feel a sense of guilt or panic or believe that you can't afford a whole day for yourself? Set aside the needs of the everyday world and go to some place in Nature that calls you. Take what you need in terms of food and water and clothing that ensures your comfort. You may want to start at sunrise and finish at sunset.

Things to contemplate and include in the letter of intention: 

  • What really matters to you and what questions do you want to hold at this time?
  • Circumstances, events and dreams that have led you to decide to Vision Quest.
  • Reflect on your life, on where you have been, where you are now and where you are going.
  • Let this reflection deepen your sense of Quest it will begin to align many energies of the unseen behind you.

 This will be a great gift to yourself that will enable you to call in the power behind your Quest and give you the grounding from which to enter a deep, rich, meaningful personal process.

Let us have a copy this letter at least 1 week before your Quest. Please type it, take a photo or scan and email to us. Make sure this is in our hands at least a week before the quest. 

This is a very important part of the process so please ensure you make time for it.

4. fear & apprehension

It is quite normal for people to feel a degree of fear as they face this challenge. It's unknown. Our recommendation is not to try to push it away but to take care of that part that feels apprehensive. Get curious about the fear, give it a voice and listen to what it is saying to you.

On a practical level you will be questing on land where there are very few real dangers. We are fortunate in that we don't have any dangerous animals like bears or lions, any flash-floods, severe blizzards or earthquakes. The fiercest animals around are badgers and they won’t attack you.  

You’re unlikely to see any other other humans apart from us in your process. The land is private and aside from the authorised occasional grounds person, the chance of trespassers is very unlikely.

It may seem that you are alone on the quest, this can induce panic or fear – and it’s true you won’t be in close contact with other humans – but you will be close to the Earth, a sense or permanence and safety. It is a good perspective that you are doing this not just for yourself, but for all of Creation, and that the Earth herself benefits during your individual ceremony.

5. YOUR 'ESSENTIAL 21 things to bring' CHECKLIST

The idea is to be close to Nature without being unnecessarily uncomfortable. Leave behind any distractions for example electronic devices, games and crossword puzzles, we will take care of your watches and phones for you throughout the process. You might find it useful to print this checklist and cross off items once you have them packed!

1.) A 2 / 3 (Wo)Man Tent - you won't be Questing in your tent but you will set it up in Basecamp and leave from it and return to it.

2.) Sleeping Bag - Ensure you have a good quality '3 season bag', the nights can get chilly, We're all different in how much we feel the cold in a sleeping bag, so we recommend you check you'll be warm enough.

3.) Sleeping pad/roll mat - The ground you Quest on might be hard, cold and uneven, you will need to be comfortable so bring a good one with some thickness about it.

4.) Pillow - A good inflatable one recommend for easy carrying.

5.) Two Tarpaulins for your Quest shelter - One a minimum of 6ft x 9ft Tarpaulin and one a minimum of 9ft x 12ft Tarpaulin these can easily be sourced from places like Amazon.

6.) Water Containers - We recommend two 2 litre water bottles (regular Volvic/Evian bottles for example) or one x5 litre bottle. You can bring them empty, we shall fill them from the drinking water tap here.

7.) A Knife for Carving - Not the dinner table variety, either a penknife or small bushcraft knife. If you are travelling from abroad ensure this knife is in the hold and NOT in your hand luggage.

8.) Camping Cutlery and plate - Click here for example. Again, DO NOT bring sharp implements if you are travelling from abroad.

9.) A Torch, a lighter and a few Tea-lights.

10.) Waterproofs - Over trousers and waterproof Jacket with hood - Made from Gortex preferably.

11.) x2 Sets of Layered Clothing - Fleece or thick jumper, shirt/T-shirt. It can get very cold at night when there is a clear sky. It's important to stay dry and not sit around in wet clothing should it rain, particularly in a cold wind. Hence the second set of layered clothing. Ideally have clothes you can put on and take off in layers according to the temperature. This is England and the weather can switch very quickly. Be prepared.

12.) Warm Base layer Underwear - Top and bottoms.

13.) A Trowel and a Toilet Roll - Again, if you are travelling from abroad, we can provide you with the trowel.

14.) Wooly Hat and Gloves - Thermal or Thinsulate recommended.

15.) Sun Hat or Baseball Cap.

16.) Sun Cream - This is England, but we live in hope.

17.) Insect Repellent.

18.) A Toiletry bag - with your personal care items.

19.) A Small box of dried fruit and nuts & a packet of plain Oatcakes - Click here for example 

20.) A Journal and Pens - Before you go out on Quest, whilst on it and when you return to Basecamp, you will no doubt want to capture notes and impressions.

21.) A Personal 'Power Item'- This can be anything that has special meaning for you and that you can carry easily.  Examples include a crystal, stone, hand made item, feather for example.

6. travel information & address


Closer to your Quest date we shall connect you with the rest of your group via email. Here you can organise travelling together and potential 'car pools' if that makes the journey easier for you. Getting there is the start of your Quest!

arriving by car:  

  • Find the A388 between Holsworthy and Bideford in North-west Devon.
  • If coming from the East or North you will probably take the A361 off the M5then the A39 towards Bideford before Barnstaple and the A386 South of Bideford until you come to the turning of the A388 on the right.
  • You’ll come to a village called Stibb Cross and a mile or so after this will be a sign on the left to Newton St Petrock take that road.
  • In Newton-St-Petrock you’ll see the spectacular old oak tree and church. To the left of the church is a minor lane (it has a blue sign next to it saying  “No through Road”). Go down this road.
  • This leads past some barns on the right, down and across a stream and where it forks, take the right fork. This will takes you to Newton Mill. 
  • You will then see a gate with a sign on 'VISION QUEST', you've arrived! Come through this gate, park and walk down to the next field - which is where we'll make our base camp.

arriving BY TRAIN & bus:

  • The closest station to the Vision Quest grounds is Barnstaple.
  • The durations is approximately 4 hrs and 30 minutes from London Paddington.


Please ensure remaining payment is made on confirmation of booking for the price discussed.

Early Bird - £490 
Standard rate: £570

Jaguars Early Bird price until May 8th 2015, Buffalo Early Bird price until July 1st 2015.

Bank account details:

Account number: 30544360
Sort Code: 30 98 69
Account name: Earth Wisdom Teachings
Please use your Surname as a reference.

f paying from abroad you will probably require these account details as well:

BIC number:  LOYDGB21183
IBAN number: GB15LOYD 309869 30544360

recommended reading

'The book of the Vision Quest, Personal Transformation in the Wilderness'

A powerful book that really goes into the process, origins and features accounts of peoples journeys on Vision Quest.

There are many great recollections and stories shared and it goes someway to prepare you for your own experience!

Buy the book on Amazon


We very much look forward to welcoming you to this life-changing experience!

Phil (Bear Heart) and Carlos (Diamond Light).