Phil Askew, Biography.

I am a certified Co-active coach working with teams and individuals to discover 'purpose' and to create an expression of this purpose in the world, to leave a positive legacy in their tracks.


I have practiced for over eight years as a full time coach and consultant and partnered with a wide range of clients, from all walks of life helping them define their direction.

My focus: Purpose and personal mastery

To unearth the latent possibility that lies within each of my clients, the true potential wanting to happen, this is my dream for the individuals and the teams I work with.

I have a definite belief that we all have very definite and unique combination of gifts and tallents that when recognised and expressed, lead us to feel a very deep sense of fulfilment, of living our most purposeful life expression.

Following our North Star

Not being aware of our purpose or the direction of our 'North Star' has the impact of leaving us in a state of disarray, panic, frustration and of feeling lost.

On the inverse however, when we are in flow and on-purpose, it can feel a lot like this:

  • Time disappears, it doesn't come into the equation anymore, the more you immerse yourself in YOUR work, the more flow you experience
  • You feel like you are in exactly the right place as if you have found your home, doing exactly the right thing
  • You feel vibrant, vital, awake, connected, alive and focussed
  • A sense mission, of being here at this time to do this exact thing. 
  • You occupy your time tangibly doing something that wasn't handed to you by somebody, because they believed it's what you should be doing
  • It can be felt as 'flow', the state we enter which holds our attention and awareness unshakably without feeling difficult, or wrong.
  • You feel joy and a deep meaning in engaging with your purpose.

Why choose me as your coach?

My belief is that when we truly understand what's uniquely important to us, when we know our own individual truth then the way we show up in the world, the way we lead, engage in relationships, live our lives and in fact offer ourselves in service, is when we can truly say we know what it means to feel home.

I bring safety and space to the process of coaching and facilitation and in that place, people are enabled to unfold and to do their work. To begin letting go of the facades and pretence and trusting that what's inside them, and what's around them that they can impact, matters most.

My Background.

Prior to becoming a full time Coach and facilitator, I worked for 18+ years in the creative industry.

Progressing from a graphic designer, to Creative Director and then on to Head of Department for one of the worlds largest marketing and PR and brand agencies.

Some of the many clients I have worked with include: Xbox, Pfizer, Jeep, Chrysler, Aventis, Symantec and Starbucks.

Phil has awakened the passion in me to change my life. I’ve been encouraged to stop and think about what really matters to me most”

My Training.

I trained with the Coaches Training Institute. The longest established and most respected coach training school in the world. Further details on my qualifications accreditations and affiliations can be found here.

I feel called to coach others into their true luminous nature and to help them formulate an expression of this in the world. In revealing your natural brilliance and passion and by burning through old limiting beliefs, transformation and possibility appears. If this sounds like something you are ready to explore, let's talk.