Personal Brand Coaching…

…for Coaches, Change-makers, Innovators & Leaders, wanting to live a luminous life, and establish a dynamite-powerful brand without compromising their values.

The decision to be a change-maker is a brave one. It means walking your talk, it means being brave. A lot of the time it requires leaving behind the accepted norm. Your ideas are creative maybe radical. You are required to stand up for what you believe,  it means leading change.

The pain from not being seen or getting heard, the discomfort in metaphorically shouting at the top of your voice to get noticed, is deeply disheartening right? Client’s don’t get you, you don’t get the clients. Energy, resource and finances wane. The  motivation to remain on this path can die and along with it your dream for change. It’s truly a shame.

Think about it, how on Earth can you bring the change if nobody understands what you ACTUALLY do? It’s likely you are drowning in a sea of other coaches / change-makers who all portray themselves as ‘professional coaches’,’ business leadership consultants’ etc etc. Let’s be honest, these days who isn’t a coach?

If what you do confuses people and your marketing sounds like it’s watered down generalisation, nobody will respond, you’ll be left wondering why are you aren’t flooded with clients now the new expensive website is up and running.

It’s physically and mentally exhausting You charge minimal fees thinking you are priced too high as confidence diminishes. I get it, I have been there.

You know that if only you had more time, more breathing space, a solid direction, income and more clients then you could really get some traction, doing the thing you love, evoking change.

If you had deep clarity on what makes YOU unique, methodology for stepping into your most impactful identity and clear direct channels of building relationships with THE RIGHT people… this is a powerful personal brand. 

 So why you Phil?

I am deeply passionate that you make it. Your mission in this world to me is crucial. I have over 20+ years of brand consultancy experience working with individuals and corporates alike. I have been a professional coach for 5 years and worked with over 100 clients helping them establish, build and maintain strong, effective, personal brands.

Bottom line, empowering you to do the life-changing work you were born to do, is my mission. Check out some testimonials if you like.

How does it work?

  • We work in partnership over a 4 month period as a rule- most clients choose to work longer beyond this.
  • Engage in two 1 hour sessions per month, phone/Skype or face-to-face if in London.
  • Each session will require homework and accountibility.
  • We work through the four stages of the Luminous model:

  1. 1. Who am I? –  Get to the heart of you as a change-maker, what makes you special, unique how can you ‘evoke’ this.
  2. 2. Plant the flag – Embody your brand, live it. I’ll challenge you to start telling people what you do, possibly public speaking, blog writing, podcasting, bottom line-walking your talk. You ‘claim your turf’ with confidence. Carve your bespoke niche and, you aren’t afraid to tell the world about it.
  3. 3. Positioning – Where do you fit in the market? Who wants what you have? What to charge? What’s your market? Get you positioned in your ideal realm.
  4. 4. Brand Building – How do I network? Sell confidently? Harness social media without feeling flooded? Craft a marketing plan? Market yourself to others in the real world? Write copy for your website, devise a logo, define yourself as expert. Become clear, consistent and compelling over time? Build brand momentum and rise to your calling-lead change?


Watch Heather Salmon talk about her experience of  Luminous Personal Brand Coaching:

Your Investment

I price Personal Brand Coaching very competitively as it is my passion to see you thrive. Having a powerful identity is the best way to achieve memorable and lasting impact.

  • £300 per month.
  • This includes: unlimited email support between sessions, my support & advice.
  • My first-hand experience and knowlege at having walked this path and, having lead many individuals through the process.
  • Access to many tools and exercises I will provide you with on the journey.
  • Support via Whatsapp and text when you need it.

This will take commitment, you have to want this.
I will ask that you take big steps in honour of your brand, your success. I’ll challenge you in ways to stretch your full-range and give you hands-on practical advice.

In return: your confidence and your understanding of just how impactful you are as a human being, as a personal brand, will greatly increase. New business will come your way, many new opportunities, greater income and a deep sense of satisfaction that you are living your purpose and being your brand.

Ready to get Luminous?

Just tell me a little more about yourself below. I’ll be in touch, often the same day to book a time where we can talk. 

I work with a limited amount of one-on-one clients concurrently. This ensures they get my full attention and the best quality coaching I can provide. Hence, places in my practice are limited. If you are interested, act now!

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