My Luminous Journey.

My past found me at the heart of the professional creative industries in London for over 18 years. I was a graphic designer, a solopreneur – established a web design company, a branding consultant working with companies such as Starbucks, Jeep, Aventis and Xbox, a leadership trainer, and was head of creative in one of the worlds top 5 PR agencies. I have also been in the thick of some very demanding corporate environments and have fought to establish myself as a solopreneur. I fully appreciate only too well what it means to feel overwhelmed, over worked, not listened to and often, powerless.

The midpoint:

I discovered coaching for myself when I became complacent with my job. I was in a well paid, stable role, managing a team of people and yet there was something very fundamental missing. It was a combination of incongruence with my values and I felt that I wasn’t making a difference. There was no fire, no passion. It felt like a real battle.

I then discovered coaching, upon working with a coach 1-to-1 I realised the power of this profession, it got me into alignment with what truly mattered. I had found my “calling” and I made plans to establish my own practice.

And now:

Becoming a coach enabled me to re-design my own life based on what really inspired me and I created Luminous Lives. Working with individuals to reveal their true life-purpose and turning that into a successful brand, a successful business, is my passion and my fire and every interaction with each of my clients is truly an honour.

It’s my belief that each of us has a truly unique “gem” inside of them that can be polished, recognised and nurtured into a powerful personal and business brand.

My coach training:

I have over 6 years experience as a professional coach. I trained with:

  • The Unitive Coaching school of Coaching.
  • The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) attaining the Certified Professional Co-active Coach qualification with them (CPCC).
  • I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) one of the highest regarded coaching standards bodies in the profession. What this means to you is that I adhere to a strict standard of ethics, practice and code of conduct as a professional coach.
  • I also coach other professional coaches through the stringent CTI “Certification” program.

Other things:

I currently live in St. Johns, South East London. London is a deeply inspiring, metropolitan city full of diversity and discovery. It’s a source of new inspiration every single day.

You’ll quite likely find me out and about with my camera at the weekend or drinking coffee alongside the South Bank. When Coaching clients, I head for inspiring surroundings such as the Royal Festival Hall, Victoria Embankment Gardens or Tate Modern among many others. London has a wealth of beautiful locations which compliments coaching perfectly.

I am a regular writer for “real experts giving real, unique advice for your business & career” I have also been featured in the RBS Business Sense Magazine.