A focus on stories.

I find my photographic passion is helping coaches and change-makers tell their story, those who might otherwise cringe at the prospect of talking about themselves. I also love meeting people on the street and taking their portrait. It’s rare these days to create an intimacy of connection with people we don’t know and It’s a stretch for me, but a hugely rewarding one.

The golden thread that weaves through everything for me is stories. The stories we tell, the stories we listen to, those we create internally from viewing an evocative photograph and the perceptions we project on the untold stories.

When an image resonates for us, when it has depth and layers, we find ourselves relating, we discover ways to meet the content, to even to fall in love with the subject – and through this, we get closer. We maybe discover an affinity, where before there was none. The sense of separation and isolation to each other, to nature, to past and future dissipates. That’s my hope and a large motivation for my work.