Free “Ignite your brand-attract more clients” consultation

Feeling like there’s no “fire” in your brand?

If you are struggling to really have an impact as a small business, it could well be that you haven’t yet defined your most luminous brand.To get some real clarity around this, I offer a free “Ignite your Brand-attract more clients”coaching consultation. You get a personal 1 hour phone consultation, 1-to-1 with me, working together to:

  • Clarify the big vision for your business brand identity-essential to attract the right clients.
  • Look at what’s holding your business back and the challenges you face personally.
  • Identify vital “brand values” that might be missing from your business and turning away clients.
  • Reveal limiting personal beliefs and hidden brand-blind spots that are sabotaging your growth.
  • You’ll leave this session renewed and inspired about your business and your brand.

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