Kelly Scales: Bid & Borrow


Bid & Borrow connects people so they can share the things they own through lending and borrowing. It's a bit like eBay for lending and borrowing. I started the company almost a year and a half ago when I was inspired by an idea I had to enable people to access designer clothes...Click to read full interview.

Luminous Client Testimonials


“Phil is is a coach that thinks out of the box. He is vibrant and caring, and he will see who you are behind the title and position. He will surprise and challenge you to reach your true potential.” Click to read more testimonials.

Tim Stringer: Coach,Tech Consultant & Yoga Teacher


I work as a coach to help people create the life they’ve always dreamed of, as a consultant to help people get organized and reap the benefits of technology and as a yoga teacher to support people in being calm, vital and balanced. Click to read full interview.

Julie Shepherd: Coach for Women


I am a coach and female entrepreneur. I work with women to help them create a fulfilling life for themselves. My clients tend to be women 'on a mission' of self discovery - women going through change and wanting to discover who they are...Click to read full interview.

Andrea Semple: Sacred Sensuality


Sacred Sensuality was created for women who have a desire and a curiosity to explore their sensuality at all levels. All women are sensual beings by nature. Click to read full interview.