Kelly Scales: Bid & Borrow

Could you tell me what you do, why you started Bid & Borrow and who it’s aimed at?

“I run an online business called Bid & Borrow. Bid & Borrow connects people so they can share the things they own through lending and borrowing. It’s a bit like eBay for lending and borrowing.

I started the company almost a year and a half ago when I was inspired by an idea I had to enable people to access designer clothes through hire.

The concept moved on from there – from hiring to sharing and from designer clothes to just about anything. The business is ethical, green, community orientated and enables individuals to make and save money.”

Has Luminous coaching proved useful to you and your business development?

“Coaching has proved very useful to me and my business development. For the initial 12 months of the business I worked alone. I had the ideas and I had to make them happen. I invested all my savings into the business and gave up my job. I was 100% responsible for everything – with no discussion, no brainstorming, nobody to bounce ideas off.

I had to make sure the thoughts and dreams in my head translated into reality. That’s a very exciting challenge, but also quite a lonely one. When the business wasn’t making as much progress as quickly as I expected, I began to feel like I was wading through treacle. I felt stuck, unable to see where the business was heading. This also started to affect my personal life too. That’s when I turned to coaching.

Phil has helped me to see a light at the end of the tunnel – always. I now realise how powerful my saboteur can be and I know how to manage it. Meeting my future self was a complete revelation! The contact with Phil in between the sessions also helped me to continue moving in the right direction. Before long, the business was making progress, generating income and my personal life was transformed.”

How has Luminous coaching been different from working with a consultant?

“Luminous coaching is very different to working with a consultant. It’s personal, focused, flexible and impacts hugely on all areas of life which also makes it very empowering. Coaching works on every level, professionally and personally- from the big picture, helping to unravel seemingly insurmountable problems, right through to the day to day detail.”

How has Luminous coaching helped you as an entrepreneur?

“As an entrepreneur coaching has helped me to identify (ney, admit to!) areas in my business where I’ve been holding myself back, mainly through fear. It’s helped me to move forward in those areas, build my brand and realise it’s OK to ask for help, and that there is ALWAYS a route through to get to your objective.

I no longer get bogged down in problems, I’m able to break challenges down, work on them, move forward… and so it continues.”

Luminous Coaching in three words?:

“Reflective. Powerful. Grounding.”