Tim Stringer: Coach,Tech Consultant & Yoga Teacher

What do you do and who do you do it for?

“I work as a coach to help people create the life they’ve always dreamed of, as a consultant to help people get organized and reap the benefits of technology and as a yoga teacher to support people in being calm, vital and balanced in our fast-paced, modern world.”

What made you come to coaching instead of consulting or some other service?

“I have many interests and ambitions…as well as a tendency to try and do too many things at once and engage in activities that don’t bring fulfilment. Coaching was a natural choice for translating my inspiring visions into tangible projects and activities that make most effective use of my time.”

Would you say coaching has had an impact on your personal effectiveness, if so, in what ways?

“Being more focused has allowed me to communicate with greater confidence and clarity, making me far more effective.”

How has coaching impacted your business and your brand?

“The much enhanced clarity that I gained through coaching has been invaluable in selecting services that benefit my clients and bring a strong sense of fulfilment.”

If you had to sum up your experience of coaching with me in three words, what would they be?

“Inspiring, engaging and practical.”

Visit : www.timstringer.com here to find out more about Tim and his great work.