“Phil is a masterful coach and one of the most authentic, generous and supportive people I know. I worked with Phil at a time of major change in my life: our sessions gave me the breathing space I needed to figure out my true purpose and design my future. If you’re looking for a coach to help you live a more purposeful life, I recommend you give Phil a ring - Phil will encourage you to dream, call forth the best in you and help you on the way to making it real.”
— Neil Ramsorrun CPCC, London.
I started coaching with Phil because I wanted to give more clarity, purpose and direction to my coaching business and my career in general. I had already done some work on my niche before we started and I was clear about the people I wanted to work with. However what was missing was a clear sense of what was in it for them and how I could express this in my marketing materials and in conversation.

I was also lacking clarity on the steps I would need to take to transition from a full time job in professional services into a thriving coaching practice. The end result of this lack of clarity was that I was not moving forward towards my dream and feeling like it was never going to become a reality.

Through his skilful blend of coaching and mentoring, Phil helped me to focus my mind on how and why I wanted to help my people. He also helped me to make my marketing efforts more effective and impactful, such that I began to experience a near 100 per cent success rate with my sample sessions. He also took the fear factor out of self employment which helped me to move forward and seek out part time work to give more space for my business to breath and grow.

I found myself being much more able than in the past to articulate my vision clearly and unapologetically to prospective employers and recruitment agents. The end result was that Phil helped me to make positive steps forward in my career and my life in general such that I feel more fulfilled and aligned with my goals for the future.
— Richard jones CPCC
It is with great honor, admiration, and respect that I write this recommendation on behalf of Phil Askew. I hired Phil to be my coach during CTI certification after I came across his website. Phil’s message of purpose and leadership resonated with me and I knew I had to work with him. As a coach he is a shining example of bravery, kindness, and wisdom. He was committed to seeing my greatness especially when I couldn’t see it for myself, which led me to shift some fundamental perspectives of how I saw myself and my work.

The greatest benefit I received from working with Phil was my increased level of self awareness around my limiting beliefs which has tremendously improved my coaching skills, ultimately making me a better coach.
— Mo Chanmugham, Esq., CPCC, ACC, USA.
I felt invigorated and focussed. This has been fundamental for me in getting back on track with my business development and having complete focus and confidence in my mission. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to clarify the essence of their brand and to start making big developments in their business growth.
— Nikki Armytage-Foy CPCC, England.
Phil has been an amazing coach- I can’t say that enough. When I approached Phil I was in a place of low confidence, confusion, isolation and not knowing what to do with my business.

From the very start, Phil was an incredible support and guide helping me on my path of growing as a coach and growing my business.

Phil’s style of coaching creates a relaxed, safe and nurturing space to explore the blocks holding me back. He mentored me in growing my business and stepping into owning my identity as a coach- for that I am so grateful.

I worked with Phil for a year and in that time, he guided and mentored me into another way of being with my coaching- a more confident yet relaxed way. I decided a few months into my sessions with Phil to embark on certification. Every step of the way i felt I had an ally and support.
Being a coach is a challenge, having my own business made me feel isolated- by making the investment in Phil’s sessions, I have turned my confidence and belief in myself around,I have developed a network of coaches around me to support me and I have paying clients.

 I have no hesitation in recommending Phil, and I know I will return to him at any point along the way if I feel I have a blip- thank you Phil for helping me along my path in life- I am so so grateful.
— Jennifer Boon CPCC, England.
I would like to thank you for being such a perfect fit for the work I wanted to do around exploring purpose - exactly as I knew you would have been. Through our coaching and your experiences too, I’ve been able to process more grief than I might have done otherwise, and lean fully into a massively safe space where I never felt I might not come out or be held. You’ve been a huge part of my expansion and also in showing me how co-activity is done.  I feel like the essence of you is now absorbed into my cells, so your wisdom is always going to be in me, somehow. You’re a wholehearted and purposeful, challenging coach, which is exactly what I wanted, and got. I know my coaching will be better as a result of our work together, as well as my life and relationships.
— Jacqui Sjenitzer CPCC, England.
Working with Phil is energetic, fun and easy. Our session created clarity on who my client base is, their journey, who I am as a coach and how to work with my target audience. His approach is empowering, creative, visual & interactive. It has a tangible output & I loved it. Would I recommend to other coaches? Hell yeah!
A highly creative, provocative coach. His style is wonderfully engaging, open and approachable; making him a joy to work with.

He intuitively partners with his clients to help them explore their best selves and lives.
Phil is is a coach that thinks out of the box. He is vibrant and caring, and he will see who you are behind the title and position. He will surprise and challenge you to reach your true potential.
Personal, focused, flexible and impacts hugely all areas of life -which also makes it very empowering. Phil’s coaching works on every level, professionally and personally- from the big picture, helping to unravel seemingly insurmountable problems, right through to the day to day detail. “

I want to thank you for today’s session.
It had a great impact on me and you helped me to open a new path to my life’s purpose, totally aligned with my values and the essence of my soul.

Thank you!
Sharing my process with Phil has been a very exciting trip for my ‘inner’ self. We connected easily from the first session and Phil understood my strengths and my weaknesses. I felt all the time in the process he brought a secure space for being brave in service of my own development. I also appreciate hugely the mentoring he gave me.
“I’m a man with many varied interests and ambitions and my coaching sessions with Phil have helped me define my own unique gifts in a way that can be communicated clearly and succinctly. Thanks to this heightened sense of self, new and exciting opportunities show up in my life on a daily basis and the future is alive with possibility.

Phil is one of the most genuine, enthusiastic, fun and supportive people I have ever met and it’s truly an honour to be working with him.”
“Phil brings all of himself to the coaching experience. He helps to keep me energised and to focus on the power I have to make choices. Because of his experience and enthusiasm, Phil instinctively knows where to take the session with a no nonsense but warm and compassionate approach.

Phil is compelling, realistic and his ability to remain grounded means he cuts through the mess to get right to the heart of the issue. His combined approach of including fun and light gives for a powerful and fresh perspective.”
Phil inspires me and encourages me to be all that I can be and never fails to be an unconditional source of enlightenment, support and strength”

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