Specific experiences to deliver solutions, tailored to your requirements and for your people.

A whole series of workshops and day experiences to address the most frequent difficulties encountered in todays Start-ups. Built from the ground up to provide solutions to the greatest struggles for leaders and teams. If you are interested in discussing one of the following or talking about your specific work struggles, please get in contact

Working with and mastering OUR assumptions.

Looking at the assumptions we create in the ‘space’ between conversation, fact and shared experience and how these assumptions are the building blocks for stories, how these stories impact the way we behave towards others.

Outcomes: Powerful, clear communication for teams and leaders.

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Embracing silence as a LEADERSHIP skill

Experience and embrace levels of listening and silence as a powerful and essential tool in the coaching and management process. Understand what it is that comes up and has us think we need to provide clever answers and solutions. Actually, we really don't know with any certainty what’s actually going on for another individual in their own life. It’s in creating the right flavour of ‘Active Silence’ that empowers our team members and staff to really mine the answers as to what’s next for them.

Outcomes: Mastery in holding a coaching 'space' and container for leaders and coaches.

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“I had the privilege to attend Phil’s Visualising Connections and Personal Mastery session, both of which were amazing. I enjoyed how the exercise provided people permission to broaden their thought processes and horizon.

The use of physical metaphors drove great collaboration within the groups and also made if fun the perfect environment for deep learning. Phil is a natural speaker and is able to keep the room engaged, energised and most of all I walked away with tangible knowledge that I can use.
— Bhavesh Vaghela, Barclaycard

Purpose and Path-working

Get a very clear understanding of the individual motivating factors behind drive and determination and explore methodolgies for ‘mapping’ different pathways from now to acomplishment, what it looks like and what the steps involved would have to be to achieve the desired outcomes.

Outcomes: Applicable structures and working methods to plan and reach important goals for teams.

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Building leadership range through working with archetypes

Understand your 'default' style of coaching and leading and assess the impact it has through experiential practice and then embody and utilise four different Jungian archetypes: the Warrior, the Magician, the King and the Lover and in service of evoking range and diversity in your presence and approach.

Outcomes: Range and diversity in leadership and coaching style to encompass any eventuality for coaches & leaders.

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Life beyond the labELs

Gain real awareness about the labels we apply to ourselves, meet the labels we carry that have been given to us by others to carry and dare to look beyond them. If we stepped into a creative space beyond these, what becomes possible? Re-boot into a space of 'anything goes’ what dreams, desires and more purposeful directions would we dare to say yes to?

Outcomes: Comprehensive understanding of 'life purpose' and direction for teams. 

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Radical honesty

How to have difficult and challenging converstions in the context of leadership and management to enable growth, expansion and challenge limiting beliefs.

Outcomes: Speak the hard truth, give feedback with clarity and composure for leaders.

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Intentional presence and somatic tools

What happens in your body when you coach? What is it ‘saying’ to the client? This workshop teaches you how to centre in yourself, to manage your internal reactions in the moment and to then project a presence conducive to encouraging the ‘right’ atmosphere, safety and space for your coachee.

Outcomes: Self management, clarity and presence in a coaching context for leaders, managers & coaches.

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Harness the surroundings, environment and geography

So much of how we experience the world is through our body. Coaching and purposeful leadership isn’t just a question and answer session sat behind desks. In order to break the old patterns and behaviours, to really discovery new information, we need to understand how our immediate geography and somatics impacts how we feel and how we interact with the world around us. Learn how to master the environment, no matter where you may be to gain new information, fresh perspectives and creative information when things feel stuck and repetitive in the coaching or leadership dynamic. 

Outcomes: Mastery of harnessing the surroundings to create creativity, diversity and range in a coaching context for leaders and coaches.

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From 'Inner critic' to 'Outer Innovator’

Gain real clarity about the subtle and not so subtle inner critic that drives so much of our thinking, with its overly active shame avoident dialogue, limiting beliefs, expections and ‘shoulds’ that can exhaust us. Then, discover your Outer Innovator, the inner leader the 'wise navigator’ and how to embody it, recover to it and hear the wisdom it has for us for the sake of leading a purposeful and passionate life.

Outcomes: Powerful skills to recover when triggered in any context and source new wisdom. For teams, leaders and coaches.

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Using creativity, art therapy tools and free expression to reveal the subconscious

So much emphasis is given to how we describe our world in words, but this is just one method of communication. Utilising art therapy tools such as drawing, painting, sandbox, free association and clay, we are able to access a far richer rendition of ‘truth’, values, beliefs, current emotional state, purpose and direction. These tools are incredibly powerful for revealing the current blocks and difficulties and for sourcing solutions from the clients subconscious. This new ‘data’ can then be utilised powerfully in the coaching process.

Outcomes: Clear through blocks and repetitive obstructions in clients for coaches and leaders.

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The wisdom of intuition and its practical application in LEADERSHIP

How to listen to your intuition, to refine it, and really harness the wisdom through many different techniques and practices such as; ‘unattached blurting’, 'daring to name' and utilising an acting technique known as 'Meisner'.

Outcomes: Strengthen the muscle in utilising intuition in a powerful, structured way, for leaders.

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