1-1 Coaching & Mentoring

On your marks…get set…uhm, not quite yet.

I know you’re a great coach with a wealth of life experience and passion for this work, you love people and see the possibilities for them, you harbour a desire to lead real change and what’s more, you absolutely know you can.

You’re brilliant and you’re ready to have your own successful coaching practice but – you’re struggling and you don’t know how to move forwards.

I am going to make a few assumptions here…

  • You start your days with the best intentions for marketing yourself and telling the world about your coaching, but it feels overwhelming because you don’t know who you are speaking to or what you should be saying.

  • You want to run a successful practice, doing the work you love and getting paid well for it, but you aren’t an expert in marketing, branding, business strategy or social media.

  • You feel sporadic inspiration, but it’s exhausting doing this alone, it’s impossible to stay motivated and consistent and there’s huge self-doubt.

  • You’ve invested a lot of time, money and energy in coach training and love to coach but you just can’t find regular, reliable clients who will pay you what you’re worth.

  • You’re reading books on starting a business, you research online, start to pull together a plan, but there are so many directions you could head in you don’t know where to start and your fear of getting it wrong paralyses you.

  • You can’t seem to unravel your thoughts or find any clarity and you’re desperate to get through this, to have a practice plan, to coach and to lead change.