Mission & Meaning coaching

From confusion and overwhelm to clarity with purpose

So you’re a coach, change-maker, an emergent leader and you initially got into this work because you knew you wanted to make a difference right?

You made the decision to instigate positive change on some level, change that would benefit people and planet no doubt.

Your business or practice is maybe ticking over, you’re sustaining yourself – to some degree, there’s up’s and downs, good weeks and bad of course, but on a gut level, you wish for more.

You just know you could be leading a huge change.

You might sense an increasing restlessness and a yearning towards something greater, you harbour a desire to experience more meaningful interactions and that thought just isn’t going away. If anything, the internal judge is getting louder. It says ‘come on! You have so much more to give, lead this change, get out there, be seen, get heard!’

But, maybe your confidence has been knocked, you’ve spent time, effort and energy on ideas to grow your impact, dabbled with many ideas – a YouTube channel, a social media campaign, Blogging, but it hasn’t really changed anything and frankly you’re exhausted. Your internal resources are running thin and you’ve plateaued. It’s painful to be in this stasis and you know sooner or later, something’s got to give.

It’s very likely you’ve started to question everything – “Am I really on the right path with this? What’s my purpose? I thought I had a mission? This feels like a grind, it’s turning into just another job.

Does this Sound familiar?

Maybe you've tried some of the following.

You’ve taken a few in-person workshops to try and get some clarity, on leadership, finding purpose, direction, confidence and so on, you’ve read some books too, but they feel really generic, a one-size-fits-all, they certainly don’t allow for your unique ideas, personal journey or background, you might be comparing yourself with your peers and that feels horrible.

You’re listening to podcasts that fill you with inspiration, but just don’t know how to start implementing any of ideas, because they all sound great –  you have limited time and even less energy these days. You might well be asking friends or close colleagues for advice, what they think you should do, but they can’t be objective, they have an agenda for you – it just muddies the water when you need simplicity and clarity.

It’s possible you’re thinking of taking that brand new ‘advanced’ development course people keep talking about – surely that will give you what you need? But when you do decide to jump in, and after spending a lot of time and money on it, the personal growth you feel is all too short lived and besides, you didn’t really need yet more ideas to juggle, you hoped for a clear and simple approach to making your mark in the world, so you could breathe easy and sleep well at night.

Here's what I think works

in order to lead long-term change.

What’s needed is a coach and partner who will facilitate a safe and courageous space for you to explore your true mission, without judgement. Someone who’ll empower you and your ideas enough that they unfold and flourish and manifest into expressions of your most purposeful self.

Someone who will work with you to formulate a plan of action, that honours YOU and supports your natural emergence as a necessary leader. A coach who will help you with your courage and clarity, to get visible, to work on your confidence to be seen out in the world, to help you both formulate and tell your unique life story, knowing that this will act like a beacon for to your tribe, so that those people you are here to serve, can easily find you.

All of this culminating in a sense of internal peace, renewed purpose, a visceral awareness that you are truly a leader with direction, clarity and the confidence to be seen and heard. You are happy to guest on Podcasts, to create and lead workshops and programs for your tribe, you look calm, centred and confident in photos and say yes to possibilities you once missed because you were exhausted and unsure of yourself.

What coaching looks like

When you partner with me on the journey.

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We start with a Discovery Session, in this hour we’ll take the time to really explore what you want to achieve, how you might be struggling and where you’d like to end up.

Then we will have subsequent 1 hour sessions via Zoom (virtual meeting software) and work together towards your outcomes. In this time we will explore your natural impact, your dreams, confidence, clarity around your purpose and direction, we’ll dive into what holds you back and who you are here to serve. We’ll strategise as to how you could go about taking steps towards making you mission reality. I’ll champion you, challenge you, stretch you and reflect back your brilliance.

I blend together both Coaching and Mentoring to ensure you get the right support based on your needs. Coaching to address your mindset and how you are feeling about things, mentoring to pave your way with methodologies and structure that will work to deliver your unique expression of purpose and leadership.

A lot of my clients decide as part of the process that they also want to do the photographic Story Portrait journey with me, you can read all about that by clicking here.

Sessions with me are purchased as a 3-pack of Coaching. The very first one of these will be your Discovery Session. Offering my coaching in this way means you have the flexibility to buy a 3-pack and then add subsequent 3-packs afterwards, often clients stay with me for a year or so, but you are under no obligation to do so. When we have our initial conversation, I can offer up my suggestions as to roughly how many sessions you might need based on your hoped for outcomes.

I will support you via WhatsApp between our sessions. Whilst we are working together, I will be available via WhatsApp. You’ll be able to send me voice memos at any time and I’ll respond with reflections, ideas and answers. Clients love this aspect and they rave about how valuable it is.

Your investment

£495 for a 3-pack of 1 hour coaching sessions.

Ready to do this? Before we engage in coaching, I ask that we have a 30 minute alignment call to make sure we are the best fit for each other. If what you’ve read really speaks to you and where you might be struggling, let’s have a conversation, alternatively, scroll on to read some frequently asked questions…

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I know this territory

because it was my journey too...

I have been a coach and photographer for over 12 years and I’ve also battled with knowing my direction and purpose. When I realised I had a sense that I am here to instigate change in the world, it was overwhelming. I didn’t know where or how to focus my attention.

I battled with confidence and imposter syndrome, “Who am I to lead anything or anybody?” I hardly knew what I wanted for myself. But actually, underneath it all, I did know. It was just that my inner critic was afraid for me. The prospect of stepping-up, being seen, having myself be heard and sharing an opinion I cared about felt incredibly vulnerable, and it suppressed my full impact for a long while.

So I hid, behind further training and procrastination. I compared myself to other coaches and photographers, I aspired to be as good as them, I often felt less-then, I would believe that what I had to offer wasn’t ready, it wasn’t accomplished enough, it needed more time and to look more professional and it certainly wasn’t wasn’t good enough to shout about.

Things began to change when I accepted that my work was making a difference. Clients fed back very positive things about our work together and I partnered with a coach and mentor who empowered me to fully express my purpose. Shortly after I knew I was ready and leaped over the edge… ‘Right, let’s jump in FULLY and lead something like only I can’.

I gave myself the permission to create from the urges that I had been sat on and suppressing for a long while and off of the back of this decision, everything grew – exponentially.

Over the last 12 years I have combined coaching and portrait photography to help many, many coaches, leaders and change-makers step-up and rise out of the shadows. To dare be seen, to unfold their purpose, share their unique story and to lead real change, like only they can.

Frequently asked questions

Is there something I haven't mentioned?

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Q: Will you teach me how to build my coaching practice step-by-step?

A: Luminous Coaching is more focused on discovery of your WHY and on who you are as a change-maker, it’s about finding the courage and conviction to lead through visibility and presence. I run a great 6 week group course called ‘Purpose into Practice’ for coaches looking to build a successful practice that will absolutely teach you that, step-by-step. Click here to find out more about that.

Q: Do I need to do a Story Portrait with you in order to have 1-1 coaching?

A: No, you don’t need to have done this with me, a Story Portrait is a beautiful, powerful declaration of who you are and why you do what you do, many clients do chose to dive into that journey in parallel because it’s the ideal way to show-up and get seen, but it’s not a pre-requisite.

Q: Who did you do your coach training with?

A: My coaching training was with CTI, the Coactive Training Institute, I am a CPCC (certified professional coach) and a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) I also mentor students for CTI and coach individuals through the Certification program. I have been an ICF member for many years and have over 1700 hours of real-world coaching experience.

Q: I have been a coach for a while and feel like I want to up my game, from just 1-1 to a portfolio of offerings, workshops and programs etc, can you help with that aspect?

A: Yes, absolutely. I love helping coaches envisage their signature work and helping them structure that into workshops, programs and experiences. Helping you realise this aspect is key – it means you bring your purpose work to a greater audience, It’s a core aspect to my coaching/mentoring.

Q: I am a Co-active looking for a coach to partner with me through Certification, is that something you do?

A: Yes, I have done so for a decade with many coaches and it’s my passion to support you on this amazing journey. Because I believe in your professional education, I offer a special rate of £150 per session for Certification coaching. This covers CTI’s prerequisite of 6, 1 hour sessions with a PCC coach. Click here to schedule in a 30 minute conversation with me to see if we are a good fit.

Q: I am not actually a coach, but I do consider myself a ‘conscious’ Start-up owner can you still help me figure out my purpose and how to lead it?

A: Very much so! Let’s have a conversation. You would benefit greatly from 1-1 coaching and gain huge clarity around your purpose through doing a Story Portrait.

Q: I want to bring together my Core-Curriculum cohort for a get-together practice day, is that something you could facilitate?

A: Yes it is, I have partnered with a multiple Core Curriculum Cohorts and created day-long experiences for them, then facilitated the group – these I call ‘Dojo Days’. I’m very happy to discuss your requirements, design content for your day and, lead the event. Click here to schedule a conversation with me.

  • Sometimes we get caught up in the task ... and forget the heart of the ‘why’. Thank you for reminding me how to be lighthearted about the task at hand and stay focused on what matters, rather than how to do it. Grateful for you as always.
  • I would like to thank you for being such a perfect fit for the work I wanted to do around exploring purpose - through our coaching, I’ve been able to process more, and lean fully into a massively safe space. You’ve been a huge part of my expansion.
    Jacqui Sjenitzer CPCC.
    Jacqui Sjenitzer CPCC.
  • Phil helped me to focus my mind on how and why I wanted to help my people. He also helped me to make my marketing efforts more effective and impactful, such that I began to experience a near 100 per cent success rate with my sample sessions.
    Richard Jones CPCC
    Richard Jones CPCC
  • Working with Phil felt totally invigorating and focussed. This has been fundamental for me in getting back on track with my business development and having complete focus and confidence in my mission. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to clarify the essence of their brand and to start making big developments in their business growth.
    Nikki Armytage-Foy, Founder of Electric Women, LA.
    Nikki Armytage-Foy, Founder of Electric Women, LA.
  • Phil has been an amazing coach- I can’t say that enough. When I approached him, I was in a place of low confidence, confusion, isolation and not knowing what to do with my business. From the very start, Phil was an incredible support and guide helping me on my path of growing as a coach and growing my business.
    Jennifer Boon CPCC
    Jennifer Boon CPCC
  • I didn’t work with Phil for very long - I think this is a testament to his impact. Just 3 sessions…..his intuition, insight, and belief got me exactly to where I needed to be. I am now a successful leadership and career transition coach and I am very excited to when my path crosses Phil’s again. Phil is a generous and exceptionally talented coach and I would highly recommend working with him!
    Oliver Holloway.
    Oliver Holloway.

Your investment

£495 for a 3-pack of 1 hour coaching sessions.

Ready to do this? Before we engage in coaching, I ask that we have a 30 minute alignment call to make sure we are the best fit for each other. If what you’ve read really speaks to you and where you might be struggling, let’s have a conversation.

Click here to schedule a conversation with me.