Conscious Leader Certification Coaching

for Co-active Coaches

If you are looking for an experienced PCC coach to partner with you through CTI’s Certification, we could be a great match. I’ve been a practising Co-active for 13+ years and have mentored many, many coaches on this journey.

Part of my personal mission in this life is to see it that the coaches who are out in the world improving people and planet are the best they can be. When I mentor with you, I hold you to your best – I believe in you and your potential. I want the Leader Within to emerge throughout the journey and feel ready, clear and masterful by its completion.

Here are some things we can focus on through the Certification journey:

• Establishing a deep, fundamental awareness on WHO you are as a coach, and what you are here to lead.
• Clarity around your own Personal Brand and how to approach the clients who need you.
• Mentoring on your personal growth edges & how to notice the ways you hide.
• Mastery in your application of the Co-active core competencies, skills and tools, when you chose to use them and why.
• Reflection and mentoring around how you are coaching tricky clients and ways to address difficult situations.
• Tapping into the Conscious Leader you are becoming using tool and practices I have devised over the years.
• Your confidence and willingness to be visible with what you believe.
•  Support around the logistics of your practice including creating powerful Discovery sessions, formulating Sample Sessions that empower you and speak to potential clients, creating coaching packages that sell and much, much more.

A clear pathway

for the journey ahead

12x 1-hour Coaching and Mentoring Sessions over the course of the Certification journey. Clients book in twice per month to keep consistency and we have the opportunity to go a lot deeper into who you are as a Conscious Leader. Fully embracing the leader within, addressing edges that arise and spending a lot more time and energy on the focus on your Personal Brand. If you want to really finish Certification feeling masterful as a coach and prepared as a practice owner and ready to step up as a Conscious Leader. £1980

If this sounds like the sort of support you are looking for, we need to talk, book in a chat now.

Let's have a conversation

and see if we are a fit

Before we engage in coaching, I ask that we have a 30-minute alignment call to make sure we are the best fit for each other. If what you’ve read speaks to you, let’s have a conversation I look forward to partnering with you on the Certification journey.

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