Luminous Headshots

Beautiful headshots for powerful people.

So you need some new headshots for your Instagram, Facebook, Social Media or Website. Not having decent shots that truly capture your essence can really slow things up. You may well have spent loads of time, effort and money on a new website and it’s ready to roll but, you really don’t feel happy at all launching with those outdated and over staged portrait photos you had done 5 years back. These photos just don’t look like you anymore and more importantly, you feel like a totally different person today than you were back then.

Capturing your own portrait

can be a painful experience.

You might have tried grabbing your phone and attempted shooting your own portrait shots, after all, most modern phones have the technical capability of turning out a decent image right? But this feels cringe-worthy and after the 25th attempt and a thousand filters later, you give up. It just looks and feels so staged, tight and awkward.

What's needed

is a tried and trusted professional.

A professional photographer who can see your authenticity as a coach & change-maker from the get-go. Someone who can have you feel present, calm and at ease in a short space of time. A photographer who can capture your essence in a series of naturally lit, professionally produced lifestyle headshots.

I've worked with many coaches

& change-makers to capture their essence on camera.

It’s possible you’ve come across Luminous Lives because you’ve seen the Story Portrait of a colleague or associate and maybe you loved how natural the images looked and how authentically you felt they represented them.

It’s also likely that you’ve been thinking about diving into the Story Portrait process yourself, but may have recently spent a lot of time and energy on getting a new website together or social media campaign. So actually right now you just require some natural headshots, in the ‘Luminous Lives’ style.

This is exactly why I created Luminous Headshots – you’ll get 5 stunning lifestyle portrait headshots, produced and turned around promptly, so that you can feel confident launching yourself and your endeavor into the world right now and when you’re ready for the Story Portrait journey, it’s here for you.

So how does it work?


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30 minute Zoom conversation where we’ll discuss the type of headshot photographs you are looking for.

Arrange a time and place to meet for the shoot a mutually agreeable time and place to get together in London for your lifestyle headshots, we’ll arrange this in our 30 minute conversation.

The day of our shoot. We’ll spend approximately 1 hour together taking a series of natural lifestyle headshots and, have lots of fun.

I’ll curate and Post-produce your Headshots. Shortly after our shoot, I will curate 5 of the best headshots from our session that best capture your energy and essence, post-produce them and apply a subtle tonal theme to them so that they really pop and are ready to go.

Receive the finished images. I’ll email you the full size produced photographs, yours to use wherever you wish.

Your investment

£395 plus travel expenses.

So Luminous Headshots are exactly what you need? Great! Click the link below to schedule yourself in for a 30 minute Zoom conversation with myself, let’s make this happen. Each month I have very limited availability for Luminous Headshots, so reserve your place early to avoid disappointment!

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