My focus is on having you shine.

My photographic passion is helping coaches and change-makers tell their true and unique hero’s journey story. These people generally cringe at the prospect of talking about themselves and what they do beyond the one-liner they might blurt at a social gathering.

You see I too am a coach, I recall how difficult it was to take up my space in the early days, to give myself permission to talk about what I did. I felt it was too egotistical, I didn’t want to appear too full of myself. We often make our coaching work all about others, which is great of course, our work as a coach should be about others, but in the meantime, we can easily fade and recede into the shadows, waiting for somebody to ask us ‘So what about you? What’s your story?’.

Story Portraits go someway to being the remedy for this I hope.

As a coach, my focus is working with coaches who are passionate about the work but aren’t sure who or where to point themselves, they are unsure of their ‘tribe’, the clients they are called to be in service of. If you are interested in finding out more about my coaching, click here and head over to Purpose into Practice.

I also have a passion for meeting strangers on the street and taking their portrait. I find it’s so rare these days that we feel able to connect with those people we don’t know, unless we have reason to i.e. colleagues or associates. I feel we yearn to connect, to be seen, to have permission to demonstrate an intimacy of connection in some way with people we don’t know, people we commune with in the same streets.

The golden thread that weaves through everything is stories. The stories we tell, the stories we hear, those we create internally from witnessing an evocative photograph and the perceptions we project on the untold stories.

When an image resonates for us, when it has depth and layers, we find ourselves relating, we discover ways to meet the content, to even to fall in love with the subject – and through this, we get closer. We maybe discover an affinity, where before there was none. The sense of separation and isolation to each other, to nature, to past and future dissipates. That’s my hope and a large motivation for my work.