Phil Askew

Coach and Visual Story Teller for Purpose-Driven People.

My passion is to empower Leaders and Change-Makers to discover their most authentic story. To deliver it with passion and to lead from a place of truth.

These inspiring individuals generally cringe at the prospect of talking about themselves and instead, focus on describing what they do. This means we are only ever able to grasp one strand of who you are so to speak, the other vital qualities such as your personal story and WHY this work matters remains in the dark.

I too am a Change-Maker, I have been a practicing professional coach for over 13 years. I vividly recall how difficult it was to take up my space in the early days, to give myself permission to talk about myself and why the work I did really mattered.

I felt that if I took up too much space, it was ego and I considered ego bad, I did not want to appear full of myself. This lead of course to me not having the desired impact I wanted to have. I underplayed my mission and everything become ten times harder.

We often point our signature work or soul-work if you like squarely at the end user, this is great of course and necessary but we then have a tendency to leave ourselves out of the equation. We underplay our desires, our identity and our personal story, or that which got us here today.

Our most authentic WHY remains a mystery, which leaves us hanging, and we wait and it has to be said, yearn for somebody to ask us: ‘So what about you? What’s your story?’

As a coach, my focus is on helping Emergent Leaders and Change-Makers understand on a deep level what motivates and inspires them, then, to help them tell their story, through words photography, coaching and soon, video.

The results of my work with emergent leaders and change-makers is that colleagues, peers and clients rally to your cause and 100% get behind your mission. They are now able see and more importantly, feel, where your drive and motivation is arising from and why it truly matters.

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  • I thoroughly cherished this experience. Between us we created a deeply connected and intimate space which Phil expertly caught in these beautiful shots. I don’t often love photos of myself but these are wonderful.
    Cahit Ali
    Cahit Ali
  • The whole experience felt like a connected, supported and creative journey with someone who really saw ‘me’. The end result when it was all pulled together was wonderful, emotional.
    Anita Patel
    Anita Patel
  • My Story Portrait Session with you at Greenwich was such a positive experience: Supported by your professional, kind guidance and positive, non-judgemental approach, I could overcome my camera-shyness and even enjoyed being photographed!
    Jutta Neddan
    Jutta Neddan